Advanced Control's Owner Sean Munding was raised in an air conditioning family working with his father from age 10 to 25 first apprenticing then helping run a growing business in Southern California. From age 25 he worked for ACCO's Service Department where he started a union apprenticeship in San Francisco and was schooled in every aspect of modern commercial HVAC equipment and Controls. In 2000 he started Advanced Control Energy Management and maintained SF Bay Area building HVAC systems many of which had aging digital control systems. At that time the only solution to aging controls was expensive upgrades often swapping one impossible proprietary system for another. Finally a company called Tridium seized the opportunity to integrate complicated control systems into the Niagara AX Platform where these systems can interoperate in one simple user interface. Sean Munding is an independent controls integrator, is Niagara AX Certified and excels at bringing aging systems into the modern web experience.

About Advanced Control Energy Management