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Optimal Start/Stop of HVAC Systems (OSS) Before OSS building schedules were adjusted weekly, even daily to adjust equipment start/stop times always weighing energy efficiency against tenant comfort. What an OSS does simply is to look at how long the HVAC system takes to reach setpoint every day and based on that information as well as outside air and space temperatures decides when the system can be optimally started and stopped. Once the OSS is set up it works automatically reducing energy usage and keeping tenants happy. 

Systems Integ​ration - "Open Platform" systems have fundamentally changed the way devices and systems connect, integrate and inter-operate with each other and the internet. The technology is now available to connect many "Legacy" control systems saving time and money. Field controllers and sensors can be left in place and networked to a new Supervisory Controller providing the end user with a comprehensive graphics package and modern programming tools that exceed expectations.

Supply Air Temperature Reset for VAV Systems Air systems with heating and cooling usually have an economizer control to modulate outside air and return air dampers to bring in cooler outdoor air and avoid mechanical cooling. However, when some zones require cooling and some heating, the mixed supply air is usually controlled to a fixed temperature of, for example, 55°F. By looking at feedback from sensors in various zones, the supply air temperature can be reset to a higher value, up to 77°F. This will minimize the amount of simultaneous heating and cooling. This system requires temperature sensors in the discharge air and four to five space sensors per system to provide space temperature feedback. 

Static Pressure Reset -With modern Energy Management Systems we can look at the airflow demand in each zone to determine the static pressure needed to satisfy demand, limiting fan speeds and decreasing energy usage. 

Custom Graphics- From extensive detailed graphics to streamlined Dashboards we can bring your data into a graphical format that is both efficient and enjoyable to operate.